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  • The Republic of Lithuania Law on Trade Marks (hereinafter - LR PŽĮ) 12 Art. 3 d. Design of the Republic of Lithuania Law (hereinafter - LR DĮ) of Article 17 3 d. It indicates that the filing date, the applicant obtains the pre-emptive right to the mark / design. From that date to mark / design registration certificate issue date mark / design granted temporary legal protection which it was entitled to make claims against another person, warning of the rights provided for in Article 38 of the Republic of Lithuania, LR PŽĮ, and the LR DĮ Art. 36 of the possible damage.
  • LR PŽĮ Article 38 determines the registered mark has the exclusive right to prevent third parties not having his consent from using any sign which is identical to the registered mark for identical goods and (or) services, or identical to the registered mark for identical or similar goods and (or) services or a misleading it is similar and therefore it is possible to deceive the public, including misleading associating with a registered mark. The above-mentioned LR DĮ Article 36. gives the owner of the design the exclusive right to use the design, authorize or prohibit other persons without their authorization to manufacture, offer for sale, sell, marketing, import, export, stockpiling and use of any products or parts of the design on the informed user if the overall impression which It is different from the registered design.

  • LR PŽĮ Article 50 and LR DĮ Article 47 gives the trade mark / design proprietor the right to go to court with the requirement to order cessation of illegal actions, and compensation for material damages, including lost income and other expenses.

  • Lithuanian Law on Competition (hereinafter - LR KĮ) of article 15 1d 1 p. prohibits the unauthorized use of a mark which is identical or similar to another entity's name, registered trade mark or unregistered well-known trade mark or other preferred reference mark with a distinctive character if it causes or is likely to cause confusion with that undertaking or its activities, or if you are to take unfair advantage of the undertaking (its mark or reference).

  • LR KĮ Art. 15 1d 5 p. operators from carrying out any actions contrary to fair business practices and good customs if such actions may harm another entity's ability to compete, including another entity of the product or its packaging simulating the product or packaging, shape, color or other distinguishing features of copying if it is liable to mislead the identity of the product or if the acts are aimed at taking advantage of the reputation of another entity to obtain unfair advantage.